Oriental Cat

The Oriental cat is a popular choice amongst many people that want a cat that is striking to look at, has its own quirky character, is affectionate and loving, and gets along with people and animals rather than being an aloof creature of mystery, as is the case with many other cats.

This cat is derived from the beautiful Siamese cat, and this was through breeding with American short hairs, Abyssinians, Burmese, and Russian Blues. The result is a striking, distinctive looking cat with a slim but sturdy physique. This is a cat that also has a wonderful personality, and is a delight to have as a pet.

The Oriental cat's appearance

It is easy to see right away that the Oriental breed comes from the Siamese family, as it has the same slim line appearance, the same elegant stance, and similar strong features.

These cats come in a variety of colours but not pointed. They are both long haired and short haired in variety, and you will find them in over three hundred colours and patterns.

The Oriental really is a very striking cat, and carries itself with real elegance and style, giving a whole new meaning to the term 'glamour puss'.

The personality of the Oriental

The Oriental cat has a delightful personality, and makes a wonderful family pet. Having been bred from the Siamese these cats have similar personality traits to Siamese cats, which means that you are not going to get a cat that is quiet or timid when you have a typical Oriental!

These cats are very talkative, so be prepared to have a very vocal pet on your hands! They are also very active and love to jump around, so you would be wise to invest in some climbing centres, cat jungles, and other activity centres for your pet. A cat perch is also an option, as the Oriental loves to perch up high and watch the world go by. This is a breed that also has the same inquisitive nature of the Siamese, and loves lots of attention and fuss from its owners.

Will the Oriental fit in with your household?

If you are looking for a cat that is quiet, keeps itself to itself, and can be seen but not heard then the Oriental cat is not the one for you. However, if you want a cat that may be loud but is also very loving, devoted, entertaining, and loyal, then you will not be disappointed with this breed. A natural entertainer and a wonderful companion the Oriental is a cat that will fit in with all sorts of households, from families that will love having an active and lively pet around to a single person household with someone that would love a companion.

These cats are also as cunning as foxes, and will find ways and means to get what they want without even realising that they have totally got the better of you. If a close companion is what you want from a pet then the Oriental is the perfect choice, as they are very devoted and affectionate as well as sociable and trusting. However, you should bear in mind that these cats can get the feline version of separation anxiety, and many will become distressed if they are left along on a regular basis.

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