Siamese Mix Cat

-- Siamese Mix Cat --

Cats have been "mix-bred" for years in an attempt to form new, unique breeds that have never been seen before. The Siamese Mix breed is a perfect example of this.

Over the years, these uniquely mixed Siamese cats have evolved into breeds with a wide variety of patterns and distinct characteristics.

Siamese Mix Cat

Below you will find some of the more common and not so common types of Siamese mix breeds. Read on to learn more about the Siamese Mix Cat!


Balinese cats are long haired. They are registered in the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), and are limited to four traditional colors: Seal point, Chocolate point, Blue Point and Lilac point. However, some registries recognize a broader range of colors.

Colorpoint Shorthair

Developed by mix-breeding with other shorthairs, CFA considers Colorpoint a separate breed, but all other associations include them as part of Siamese breed. Colorpoint can include Lynx and Tortie points.

Flame Point Siamese Cat

The Flame Point Siamese cat has been bred to mix the red gene with the Siamese color point gene to create a mix from cream to red.


Himalayas are long haired cats that come from mixing Persian, Siamese and domesticated longhair cats, to make chocolate and lilac points. Europe calls them Colourpoint Persians. The Cat Fanciers Association refers to them as the color division of Persians.

Oriental Cats

Oriental breeds come in either short or long hair. The variations include solid tabby silver/smoke and tortoise-shell.


The Javanese is a long haired version of Colorpoint. These are very intelligent and beautiful creatures with long well structured bodies and beautiful silky coats.

Snowshoe Siamese

Snowshoe siamese are Cream and white, with blue eyes, and originate from a mix of Siamese and the two-colored American short hair.


Tonkinese is a mix between Burmese and Siamese breeds. They are pointed cats but darker colored than the Siamese cat.


Thai cats are pointed cats, which are also known as Thaikatzen or Wichien-matt. They resemble the early 20th century Siamese. The Thai are still today found in Thailand Catteries.


Their bloodline is from one specific cat, named "Wong Mau". Founded in Burma by Dr. Joseph Cheesman Thompson, this cat was bred with a Siamese when it was brought to San Francisco, California. Technically the Burmese mix cat did not originate from the Siamese, but for years was referred to as a Siamese breed. 

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