Fun Facts About Siamese Cats

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Here are some fun and interesting facts that you might not know:

Siamese cats are wonderful creatures with bags of character and really sociable, loving personalities. These cats make delightful pets that are loyal and devoted and they will also chatter away to anyone that will listen!

SOCIALABLE - Siamese cats are known for being very social and loving. They crave affection and love being around other animals as well as people.

JEALOUS - Siamese cats can be jealous from time to time if they aren't given the attention they crave.

HEAT SENSITIVE GENE - When Siamese kittens are born, they are completely white. Their color develops at about four weeks of age through a gene that is heat sensitive. The color shows up on the cooler parts of their body.

ALBINO - It is thought that the Siamese cat is a descendant the albino cat - a cat that is pure white with pink eyes. This is because Siamese cats are known to occasionally have an albino cat in their litter

GREAT WITH KIDS - One of the commonly known facts about Siamese cats is that they are excellent with children because they are very calm and gentle.

TRAINABLE - Siamese cats are very intelligent, which makes them easy to train. There are several things you can train your Siamese to do including walking on a leash and toilet training.

ORIGIN - Originally from Thailand (Siam), Siamese were the first breed of the Orient. Siamese cats have a rich history of royal heritage that dates back to the 1300's.

WEIGHT - The average weight of a male is 11 to 15 lbs. Females average 8 to 11 lbs.

LIFESPAN - Siamese are very healthy animals, and live a long life of around 15-20 years. The exception to this is the Modern Siamese cat, which does not have such a long life span, given their weak immune system, which is caused by breeding. The life span of a modern Siamese is much shorter.

VOCAL - One of the most common traits of the Siamese is the sound they make. They are very vocal when they want or need something and have a loud, sometimes baby-like sounding meow.

SIAMESE PERSONALITY - The Siamese temperament is affectionate, calm, loyal and full of character. Siamese cats are also affectionately called "Weezer".

Other Facts About Siamese Cats

Even though traditionally these cats are known for their crossed eyes & kinky tails, most Siamese cats today don't have these features. Their four main colors are chocolate pointseal pointlilac point and blue point

SIAMESE MYTHS - There are a few common misconceptions about the Siamese cat, the most common one being that they are mean. Just like any other breed of cat, it completely depends on the cat.

Though everyone has had different experiences with cats, judging an entire breed based on a few "bad apples" could keep you from finding your perfect feline companion.

CAT SUPERSTITIONS - Have you ever had a black cat cross your path and believed that it would give you bad luck? You're not alone. Many people believe in this superstition and many other cat superstitions. These are just a few fun facts about Siamese cats. Undoubtedly these beautiful cats will be around for many years to come providing us with plenty more fun facts and stories to enjoy about them!

-- Fun Facts About Siamese Cats --

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