Cat Perches

Cat perches are the perfect relaxation tool for cats and kittens, giving them a great place from which to watch the world go by or simply to relax. Most cats love to be perched high up – perhaps because it gives these already high and mighty creatures an added air of superiority but most likely because they want to have their own space!

There are many different cat perches to choose from these days, so whether you have a small kitten who is just getting used to climbing and jumping or the matriarch of all pussy cats, who wants to have her own space, you will be able to find a perch that is perfectly suited to your cat's needs.

Why perches are perfect for cats

Cats like nothing better than to sit in high areas and spend time just watching the world go by as they relax.

Putting a cat perch by a window is therefore the perfect solution if you are looking to provide your pussy cat with a place to chill and observe.

Cat perches are particularly useful for indoor cats, who otherwise don't get to see what is happening in the outside world. The perches are usually covered in faux fur, and your cat can simply jump or climb up to the platform to have a rest, have a nap, or simply spend time looking out of the window to see what's going on.

Other benefits of perches

A good sturdy perch offers additional benefits to both your cat and to you. In addition to giving your cat somewhere to escape the stresses of the day (sleeping and eating!) it also provides the cat with a place to scratch and sharpen his claws, which is something that your furniture will be most grateful for!

The perch will give your cat the chance to occupy himself for hours at a time. If you have an outdoor cat who gets restless when kept inside this could be the perfect way to stop him from pacing the floor and driving you mad when it is raining or of there is some other reason he can't go outside. If your cat doesn't go outside anyway, the perch will give him a chance to get a taste of the outside world without being subjected to the dangers of the great outdoors.

Getting the most from cat perches

Buying a perch and then plonking it in some corner somewhere won't really be very effective. Cats are very fussy creatures, and if you think that by shoving the perch in a corner you will get some peace and quiet you will probably be wrong.

If, on the other hand, you put the perch by something interesting – ideally a window – you will find that you cat will be keen to get up on the perch to enjoy the view – which gives the cat time to chill and get him out from under your feet for a while!

What to look out for with perches

Of course you need to make sure that your cat can effectively use the perch in order to benefit from it. First of all, if you are assembling the perch yourself, always make sure that the platform that the cat will be sitting on is extremely secure – the last thing you want is for the cat to be perched on a wobbly platform and then fall off!

Secondly, make sure that if the cat perch does not have a ladder or additional platforms for the cat to get to the main platform there is something nearby, like a chair, for your cat to jump onto in order to get to the main platform.

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