Long Haired Siamese

If you love all things fluffy and friendly then the long haired Siamese is the perfect choice when it comes to getting a pet cat.

Also known as the Balinese, these cats are striking in appearance, and whilst they have the overall appearance of a Siamese they are also blessed with medium or long hair and a plumed tail that any fashion conscious pussycat would kill for.

Elegant, and equally as diva-ish as the more traditional Siamese cat, the long haired Siamese is a classy, sophisticated cat and makes a wonderful member of the family (the word 'pet' would seem inappropriate for this breed, as they often end up running the household and running rings around their bewildered owners!) The colourings are the same as with all Siamese cats (e.g. chocolate point, seal point, etc.) and they are slender, silky animals with a very distinctive appearance.

What is the Balinese personality like?

If you like cats with character, stamina, intelligence, and plenty to say for themselves then you will love these cats.

Like their Siamese cousins they have plenty of personality and character, and they are extremely sociable.

These cats are purrfect (sorry, couldn't resist) for families as well as for couples and individuals, and no matter how many people are in your household your cat will have them all wrapped around her little paw in next to no time.

For households that have other cats the Balinese is also a great addition, as they get along with other pets as well as people. Most will attach themselves to one specific person in particular, and that person will be the lucky one that gets followed around everywhere, has to engage in 'conversation' with the cat (although in fairness these cats will 'talk' to anyone that listens), and has the privilege of having this ball of fluff lying on their bed or next to them on the settee.

The curious and active Balinese

Another thing to bear in mind about the long haired Siamese is that these cats, like most Siamese, are very active and lively. They enjoy jumping around and having some fun, so if you have one of these cats make sure you equip your home with some cat jungles or play centres if you want to save your furniture.

They are also very curious cats, and like to know what's going on at all times. You will not fail to be entertained with the long haired Siamese at your side, as this is a cat breed that is not only gorgeous to look at but is also a bundle of fun to have around. These cats have plenty of love and devotion to give too, so if you want unconditional love from your pet (well, there may be a couple of conditions one of which will be getting fed!) then you won't be disappointed.

Other things to consider

If you think that the long haired Siamese is the perfect pet for you then you do need to consider its grooming needs. If the fur is long you will need to put in a little grooming. However, it is not a double coat like most long haired cats, and this means that grooming is not such an issue.

Also, bear in mind that the long haired Siamese is a vocal cat and can be quite loud. However, its tone is a little softer than the traditional Siamese, so you won't have to worry about getting a constant headache!

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