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What breed is my cat?

My cat looks like a white American short hair cat, except he's got siamese eyes and siamese colors. HELP!

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Please Help The Lovely Velvet Start A Better Life

The lovely velvet needs your help to start a better life.

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Sponsor A Cat

The aim this 'sponsor a cat' section is to help Siamese and part Siamese cats in need.

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Back in February I saw a photograph of a street cat in Alexandria, Egypt being fed at one the the feed stations set up by a local rescuer, Ayman. This

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I'm Not Sure what type of Siamese my Capri is

Hi...I adopted a rescue kitten last month and was told she was a siamese mix...I'm curious which type of siamese she leans vet says she is

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my babies

Simba, Pumba are my 2 seal point snow shoe lynx siamese. Then there's Rose and Roscoe are seal points. Then I have Sugar and Goose they are seal point

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Blue Point Traditional the best

Ling is a traditional blue point Siamese that my husband and I rescued from an animal shelter a day before he was due to be euthanized for being too aggressive.

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My boyfriend brought home an 8 month old neutered male Traditional Siamese/Classic Tabby mix. Our two cats along with 37 other pets in our neighborhood

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apple siamese

I like apple siamese cats because they are so cute and they don't like have the pointy ears and they don't have those weird eye sand weird faces the others

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I would like to get a classic siamese cat as I like the sofisticated look but I think a wedge looks too extreme

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My Cat Miniki

Miniki is a Short-hair gray and white Tom I got Miniki when he was a Kitten for my Seventh birthday. I am now Eight years old. My Cat is now one and a

Continue reading "My Cat Miniki"

Training Siamese Cats

Training siamese cats is a satisfying thing to do. Especially when the cat being trained is yours! Here are some tips on how to train your cat properly.

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Gypsy's story

Gypsy was a stray, pregnant female who was literally delivered to our door by friends who knew my husband and I 'did cats', 5 days as it turned out, before

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All About Siamese Cats

Learn everything about siamese cats including history, facts as well as cat behaviour, training and health

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We just adopted our third Siamese. Bear was our first Siamese Cat, a Blue Point, although we had other domestic cats. When we lost one of our domestic

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Mac and Molly

I decided to get a kitten and ended up with TWO.Brother and sister that were dropped off at the vet.They told me the Mom was a barn cat.They look like

Continue reading "Mac and Molly"

Minnie the Cat. Her Story.

I adopted Minnie the Tortie about a month ago from my local shelter. Before we adopted her she had already had two owners even though she was only six

Continue reading "Minnie the Cat. Her Story."


It is interesting how your animal becomes a part of your family. How they seem to mimic the words they hear or seem to know what you are thinking. Such

Continue reading "Traditional"


It is interesting how your animal becomes a part of your family. How they seem to mimic the words they hear or seem to know what you are thinking. Such

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Classic is ideal

My grandmother used to own a siamese. Her name was Mia. She was always a wonderful cat, and when she died, I was very sad. I have always wanted to own

Continue reading "Classic is ideal"

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