Siamese Cat Colors

-- Siamese Cat Colors --

Siamese cats are beautiful, elegant, sophisticated creatures, and there are a number of different Siamese cat colors to choose from if you are considering getting one of these cats. Many of the features of the different variations of Siamese cats are the same but the colors can vary.

When referring to the different colors of Siamese cats this is not a reference to the fur on the main body of the cats, which is always a pale cream or fawn, although it can darken over time on some variations. It actually refers to the colors on the points, which is the areas such as the ears, tails, and paws.

Seal Point Siamese

The The seal point Siamese has very dark points, which are verging on black. The coloring on the points may be much paler when they are kittens, but over time this tends to darken. The coloring on the paws, ears, nose tip, facial mask, tail, and paw pads is all the same. The coloring on its main body tends to darken over time too, changing to a dark beige color or in some cases a dark brown.

The seal points are very elegant and dignified, but can also be quite jealous and possessive when it comes to getting their owner's attention. They are not keen on change, and can be obviously disapproving if you do anything that they do not like.

Chocolate Point Siamese

The chocolate point Siamese, as the name suggests, has warm, chocolate colored points on the facial mask, paws, tail, and ears. The nose tip and paw pads of these cats may have a pinkish tone to them. In stark contrast to the seal point Siamese the chocolate point tends to have very pale fur on the rest of its body, which remains pale in most cases.

In terms of character you could find yourself with a handful with the chocolate point, as these cats love to have fun, play, and generally act the fool! They tend to be easy to train, and are very loving and affectionate.

Blue Point Siamese

Striking in terms of appearance, the blue point Siamese has slate-blue points, although some may have more silvery blue tones than slate grey ones. The fur of the blue point is also very pale with a bluish tinge to it, but this can sometimes get darker over time. The blue point has a very cool, dark silvery appearance, and its blue points and facial mask make its blue eyes stand out all the more.

The blue point is a cat that loves look right at you, which in itself is an unusual trait, as this is something that most cats do not like because it is seen as a sign of aggression. They are loving cats, that love to snuggle and be close to their owners, and they will have plenty of purrs on tap for loving owners!

Lilac point Siamese

Another of the Siamese cat colors is the lilac point, and these cats have cool, frosty grey points, which has earned them an additional name of frosty point cats. The points have a pinkish tinge to them, which gives the overall appearance of frosted lilac. The coat of the lilac point tends to be a pale cream in color, and the nose tip and paw pads have a pale pink tinge to them.

When it comes to the character of the lilac point be prepared to have a little diva on your hands, as these cats like to get their own way and most likely know just how to get it! They can also be little drama queens, but are entertaining, very intelligent, and make wonderful pets.

Other Variations

Whilst the above are the four main Siamese cat colors there are other Siamese colors that have been introduced through breeding, and this includes the red point Siamese, lynx point Siamese, and the tortie point Siamese.

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