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-- Cat Care --

Exercise Is An Essential Part Of Cat Care

Just like humans, cats need exercise to stay in shape and keep from becoming overweight. If your cat goes outdoors, he will naturally enjoy hunting and will be curious about other animals he comes across. An indoor cat has less opportunity to play, so you need to help provide him with some form of entertainment, exercise and stimulation.

Cat toys are great for this, but if you don't have any, try using a scrunched up piece of paper or tin foil to play fetch with him. You can even do something as simple as dangling a piece of string in front of him and getting him to follow it. There are endless other homemade cat toys that you can make, and you can be as creative as you like when making them!

Cats have a natural instinct to climb, which is why cat climbing trees can be very beneficial to both you and your cat. Not only will they provide your cat with a means of exercise and stimulation but they will also stop him from climbing up your drapes and onto your furniture.

Another beneficial cat toy is the kind that gives him something to dig his claws into, like cat scratchers. There are many different types to choose from, and not only do cats enjoy using them but they will also have a great place to sharpen their claws without destroying your expensive furniture.

-- Cat Care --

Cat Safety

An important part of cat care is keeping your cat safe and healthy. This includes regular check ups with your veterinarian, and having proper cat ID tags in case he gets lost.

Make sure you have a suitable cat collar, and use outdoor cat enclosures if you let your cat outside. This will keep your cat safely confined to one area while he plays outdoors. If your cat doesn't like wearing collars then you can consider getting him micro chipped, which is a great and affordable way to ensure that your cat can be traced more easily if he goes astray.

If you like decorating your home with plants, you need to take time to learn about which plants are safe for your cat and which plants are poisonous to cats.

Finally, don't forget the all important vaccinations and annual boosters, which are vital in helping your cat to avoid some very nasty and potentially deadly health problems. Regular worming is also an important part of your cat's ongoing healthcare regime.

Cat Grooming

You should groom your cat about once a week by brushing his coat and trimming his nails (if needed), although long haired cats may need to be groomed more often. Grooming your cat helps to keep his coat glossy, shiny and soft. It can also help relax your cat, and can be a good bonding session for you. Always pay special attention to any signs of potential health problems, such as mites, fleas, ringworm, etc. while grooming your cat.

Sharing Your Space with a Cat

Learning to share your home with a cat can be challenging, considering how independent they are. Even though you can train your cat to be more loving, sociable and playful over time, you need to take your cat's personality into consideration, especially when it comes to siamese cat behavior. Make sure you look at getting your cat his own bedding to relax and sleep on – there are plenty of cheap cat beds available.

Tired of Cleaning Your Cats Litter Box?

Many people become tired of constantly scooping out poop and urine from their cat's litter box. However, it is possible to toilet train your cat and rid yourself of the dirty, smelly litter box once and for all.

If you're having cat litter box problems because your cat is having accidents outside of the litter box, click here for info on cat urine cleaning

Cat Nutrition

Good cat care involves feeding your cat a food with proper nutrition for optimal health. You may choose to give your cat dry or canned cat food, but no matter what type of food you feed him, it is important to read the ingredients label to see what's in it, and to check for anything potentially harmful. Always keep up to date with any cat food recalls that may occur. Also give your cat occasional cat treats as rewards or just as a special treat.

Spaying and Neutering

Unless you are planning to breed your cat, it is always a good idea to spay or neuter him/her. This not only helps any unwanted cats from being born, it also keeps them much healthier. Cats that have not been spayed or neutered are more susceptible to a range of health problems.

Proper Kitten Health Care

Taking care of a new kitten can be daunting if you don't have the proper knowledge. Read our kitten health guide to learn all you need to know about making sure your kitten is safe and healthy. A feral kitten is no different and needs the same amount of love, but there are certain things you should know about how to care for them properly.

-- Cat Care --

-- Cat Care --


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