Cat Jungle Gyms

For active cats that spend a lot of time indoors cat jungle gyms can be a real Godsend. The natural instincts of all cats means that they love to climb and built to jump, spring around, and be active. However, for cats that spend a lot of time indoors there is little scope to put this instinct into practise – unless, of course, it involves jumping all over your furniture and swinging off your best curtains!

More and more people these days tend to prefer their cat to be indoors to protect them from a myriad of dangers, from adverse weather conditions and the risk of getting lost to the dangers of the road and the risk of getting injured in some other way. This is particularly true for those that have pedigree cats, which face the additional risk of being stolen.

Make your home fun

Cats can get very, very bored if they are kept indoors – and if a cat gets bored it is usually you and your furniture that will suffer!

Luckily there are plenty of ways in which to alleviate this boredom these days, with a range of cat accessories that will make being indoors fun and exciting for your cat.

Jungle gyms for cats provide plenty of opportunity for jumping, climbing, and having great fun whilst exercising (for the cat obviously, not the owner!) Cats not only love being active, but they need to be active for their health. A healthy cat is lean, well toned, and fit, but without exercise your cat is likely to turn into a lazy creature that resembles Garfield, which apart from anything else can be really unhealthy.

Health and enjoyment for your cat

Jungle gyms have many different levels and platforms, and this will give your cat the chance to climb up to different levels or jump from one platform to another. For cats this is a great way to have fun, and for you it means that not only is your feline friend being kept amused but he is also getting the exercise that he needs to stay healthy and fit.

These cat jungle gyms also have sisal scratching posts incorporated into them, which means that you cat can also scratch away to keep his claws sharp – which he would do anyway, but this would normally be on your furniture! Some of the more luxurious ones even have little features like hammocks, which means that your cat can enjoy lazing around after tiring himself out. Some also have toys attached, giving your cat the chance to enjoy entertainment and fun whilst getting some exercise.

Get a gym to suit your decor

If you are the sort of person that is house proud and likes everything to match then you needn't worry. You will find a range of high quality jungle gyms on the market, with different designs, sizes, and colours to suit your decor and your home.

When you are looking for the perfect jungle gym for your cat you can opt for one that fits in with the size of the room where you plan to put the gym, and one that has a design or colour that fits in with the existing decor of the room. This way you don't have to spoil the look of your home in order to provide your cat with hours of fun, exercise, and entertainment.

The larger jungle gyms are suitable for two or more cats, with plenty of room for all of your rascals to join in the fun, so you can benefit from one accessory that amuses multiple cats at the same time!

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