Burmese Mix Cat

The Burmese Mix Cat has Asian origins that date back to the 1300s. Dr. Joseph Thompson had a brown female cat from Burma, who he named Wong Mau. He used Wong Mau, and a male Siamese cat for selective breeding, which created the Burmese Mix breed cat that we know today.

There were times when a lighter coloured kitten was born in a litter, and the breeders in America wanted the CFA to recognize these new lighter coloured kittens in their own right. After some time, the CFA finally did start to recognize the following colours: sable, champagne, blue and platinum. These colours are still recognised today.

Appearance of The Burmese Mix Cat

These  cats have a short coat that’s easy to groom. Their hair colour starts off looking like milk chocolate, and gradually gets darker as they age.

Their underside is much lighter than the rest of their bodies, though their tail, legs, ears and face can be darker.

burmese cats

Their build is compact, and they have a rounded head with wide yellow eyes. Their tail is tapered with a kink near the tip.


This breed likes to be around people, and is quite lively and affectionate. They’re great with kids and other animals, and are very loyal to their owners. They learn well, and are attentive and intelligent.

The females of this breed are known to take more control, and demand more attention than the males. The males are much more laid back.

The Burmese have little to no survival instincts. For this reason you should avoid letting them outside on their own. These are definitely indoor cats that are ideally suited to households where there are often people around to provide these cats with the company and companionship that they love. 


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