Chocolate Point Siamese

Chocolate Point Siamese cats and Seal Point Siamese cats are very similar, and are hard to tell apart, similar to blue and lilac points. Chocolate points first appeared in the middle of the 20th century, and are more expensive than traditional seal points. The Chocolate is a genetic weakening of the seal point.

The points on the Siamese cat refer to the tails, paws, ears, and in some cases facial masks. As the name indicates, the points on the chocolate point Siamese are a rich, chocolate in colour. With the rest of the body being covered in pale fur this gives the cat a striking appearance because of the sharp contrast between the colours.

Appearance and character of chocolate point is:

  • Warm brown face, ears, tail and feet. This can sometimes have a pinkish tinge to it. The colouring on their body is ivory, with little or no shading
  • Nose is the colour of leather, and their paw pads have a cinnamon pink colour
  • Points are deep chocolate brown

During early breeding, Chocolates Points would appear in litters of Seal Points, and were dismissed as bad Seals, until eventually Siamese enthusiasts developed what is now the standard for the Chocolate Point.

The chocolate point is a cat that has a very handsome appearance with a classic and elegant air about it. Like other variations of Siamese cats they are very intelligent, talkative, and inquisitive, and make hugely entertaining, very loving, and extremely loyal pets.

These cats do like to have their fun and you will not be bored when you have your chocolate point pet around you. This is a feline filled with energy and curiosity with a very sociable personality and a love of spending time around the rest of the family.

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