Blue Point Siamese

The Blue Point Siamese and the Lilac Point Siamese are both quite rare, which is why they are prized above Seal and Chocolate Points. The Blue point comes from a genetic weakening of the Seal Point, and the Lilac Point comes from a genetic weakening of the Chocolate Point.

The blue that is on the points of the Blue Point can be a slate blue in colour or may be more of a silvery blue – either way, these cats look striking as a result of their beautiful colouring.

The Blue point Siamese's appearance:

  • The body is gray with blue tones
  • The belly and chest are a lighter gray with blue tones
  • The Points are a slate or silvery blue
  • The nose is the colour of leather and the paw pads are blue

Whilst the Lilac Point is also a very striking animal it differs slightly from the Blue Point in terms of its colourings.

The Lilac point's appearance

  • The body is pure white
  • The points are gray, with some pinkish tones
  • The nose is the color of leather, and the paw pads are lavender pink
  • Lilacs are the lightest of all of the Siamese cats

Like the other variations of Siamese cats the Blue Point is a very intelligent, sociable, loving, and lovable cat, with plenty of character and bags of elegance and style.

These cats will love spending time with their owners and families and will keep you entertained for hours with their fun antics.

As with all Siamese cats the Blue Point likes to have a 'natter' and if only we could understand meows we would probably be thrilled with what they had to say! Although you may not be able to literally understand the excited chattering of the Blue Point and other Siamese cats they are, like many cats, able to very easily show you what they are talking about with their body language. You will quickly be able to tell whether they want to eat, play, get some peace and quiet, or snuggle up for a cosy evening watching the box! 

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