Seal Point Siamese Cats

When people think of the term “Siamese cat” the Seal Point Siamese cats are most often the type that they’re imagining. The Seal Point is the most popular colour of Siamese cat and is also known as the original type that was discovered all those years ago. All of the other Siamese colours have originated from the Seal Point.

In young Siamese cats the points are very distinctive, but as they age the Seal Point’s body becomes much darker.

The Appearance of The Seal Point

The Seal Point is an attractive and distinctive looking cat and some of its physical features include:

  • Their bodies are cream colored
  • Their points are very dark
  • Their noses are the color of leather
  • The pads of their paws are the same color as their points

Seal points are only able to become show cats in the first two years of their lives. This is due to the fact that their bodies end up being too dark for show standards as they age.

Climate affects how dark these cats get as well. In a warmer climate they will end up being lighter, where as in a colder climate they will be darker.


The character of the Seal Point is similar to that of other Siamese cats, in that they are very loving, very intelligent, extremely entertaining, and highly inquisitive. These cats make wonderful pets because of the close bond that they form with their owners and families, and their sociable personalities means that they are great in households with kids and even with other animals. 

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