Cat Superstitions

Are you superstitious? Do you believe in Cat Superstitions?

I’m sure that everyone, at some point in their life has heard of a superstition that involves a cat. With their piercing eyes and agile bodies, it’s no wonder that they’re the center of many cautionary tales.

Here are some cat superstitions that you may or may not have heard about:

  • In the early days, when people came to America from Europe they didn’t trust cats. They thought that cats were evil, and sometimes called them witch’s "familiars".
  • In ancient Egypt, some 3,000 years ago, it was said that if you killed a cat death would come to you.
  • In The Land of the Pharaohs, they once believed that if a black cat crossed your path it would bring you good luck. These days, people associate bad luck with a black cat crossing their path. In England, if a black cat crosses your path, they say that if you spit it will counter the bad luck.
  • If a cat leaves your house when a person is sick, and the cat cannot be brought back, that person will die.
  • When a cat puts his paw behind his ears when scratching himself, it means it will rain.
  • Kittens born in the month of May will bring snakes into the house.
  • If you wake up in the morning and see cats playing, your day will be wasted.
  • When sailors were out on their boats at sea and there was no wind, they would lock a cat in the cupboard to make a breeze come.
  • Seeing a cat at midnight is like seeing the devil himself.
  • Don't leave a cat alone with a baby. The cat will suck the breath right out of the child.
  • Tortoiseshell cats are thought to be lucky in Great Britain.
  • If you see cats run around wildly it will get windy outside.
  • If a cat sneezes around a bride on the morning of her wedding, she will have a happy life.
  • Cure a sty in the eye by stroking the tail of a black cat.
  • Cats in a coal mine are bad luck.

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