Please Help Give Velvet A Second Chance At Happiness

Let me introduce you to Velvet. She has had a tough start in life and I really think she deserves a second chance at happiness. Velvet is female and around ones years old. She was first seen by Shaimaa Mohamed 3 months ago hiding under some boxes in the street, clearly living as a stray. Shaimaa did not see velvet again for two and a half months. After three days of trying she finally managed to catch the poor little cat and took her to a local vet.

Although the vet has found no major health problems, she is very weak and very thin. Given how weak she is, I think it is a blessing Shaimaa managed to catch her when she did. I do not think she would have lasted much longer on the cruel Egyptian streets.  At the moment she is boarding at the vet clinic, while there she is being given good food and multivitamins to help her get her strength back. She is also dehydrated, but Shaimaa says that is improving well. After a few more days at the vets she will move to the recuse center Shaimaa works at.  

Understandably Velvet is a bit scared of people at the moment. She prefers the safety of her cage rather than investigating her surroundings. Shaimaa says she is a quite cat and is not very vocal. She likes to be fussed as long as she can stay in her cage. The main focus right now is helping her get back to a healthy weight.

As you may know it is hard to find homes for cats in Egypt. The plan is to start preparing Velvet for international travel as soon as she is back in good health. It takes up to 4 months to prepare a cat from international travel. I hope four months will be enough time to find Velvet the perfect forever home.

At the moment we are looking for a home with no other cats and no young children. She is scared easily, so a quite home with understanding owners who can shower with love is a must. I have no doubt in the right home she will blossom into a wonderful pet. That is what she really deserves. If you think you could give Velvet the forever home she needs please contact me via the contact me page.

Of course preparing Velvet for travel and flying her to her new home will not be cheap, but I know it will be worth it. I am asking for everyone who reads this page to sponsor a small amount to cover Velvet’s costs.

Below is a rough estimate of the costs we expect;

Board £30 per month (£120 for four month)
Vaccination £15

Blood sample and lab test plus ID microchip £61

Travel carrier £17

Transport to airport and facilitator £5

Flight, including health and certificate £150

Taxes, UK customs fee £140

Total £508 (cost based on Velvet traveling to the UK, costs for other countries may be different)

If everyone who visits this page donates £5 we will reach our target and won’t it give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing you have helped a cat in need.

Once Velvet has started her treatment I will send weekly updates to let everyone know how she is processing. So if you would like to be kept update then please fill in the newsletter sign up form below.


Thank you for all your support!


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