Lilac Point Siamese

The lilac point Siamese is one of the variations of these beautiful, regal, and highly intelligent cats. There are a number of Siamese colours that are available these days, some of which have come about more recently through breeding.

The lilac point is a stunning creature with a unique appearance and a frosty look about it that makes it look as though it has come straight from Narnia.

This variation of the standard Siamese is theatrical, demanding, beautiful, haughty, melodramatic, and wants attention wherever and whenever possible. In fact, you could say that the lilac point is the diva of the cat world.

Lilac Point Appearance

The lilac point has either silvery grey or slate grey points with a pinkish tinge, which gives it the name of lilac point.

However, these cats are sometimes referred to as frosty point Siamese because they do have something of an ice-queen look to them.

These cats have a very dramatic appearance and are stunning to look at. They are very pale in terms of their body fur, and this makes them look almost like an apparition with their frosty overtones and stunning blue eyes, which really stand out. This was the last of the main Siamese colours to be recognised officially, and is one of the rare variations of Siamese cats along with the blue points.

The History of the Lilac Point

The lilac point Siamese was the last of the four variations to be officially recognised, with the first three being the seal, chocolate, and blue points. These cats along with the blue points are the rarer of the Siamese variations, and the chocolate and seal points are the more common ones.

The Lilac Point Siamese's Personality

You can expect plenty of love, attention, and dedication from this breed – as long as you are prepared to repay the favor of course! These cats are extremely loyal and affectionate, love being around people, and enjoy getting lots of love and attention in return from their owners.

Like most other cats the typical lilac point has a very curious and inquisitive streak, so will probably be poking around going through all of your things. They have bags of energy too, so be prepared to join in the fun and games with your ghostly little bundle of joy!

Lilac points are talkative cats, like most other Siamese cats, and will meow away to their heart's content for as long as you are willing to listen!

The lilac point, like other Siamese cats, is also very intelligent, curious, active, and energetic, so you will find yourself with an entertaining, bright little spark on your hands.

Is the lilac point for you?

If you are considering getting a pedigree cat you need to make sure that you choose the right one. If are thinking about getting a lilac point Siamese you need to bear in mind that, like other Siamese cats, the lilac point may take up a lot of your time and attention.

These cats will follow you around, snuggle up next to you, want to sleep on (or in!) your bed, and will be happy to 'chat' to you whenever the opportunity arises, so unless you have the time to devote to your pet you may find that the lilac point is not the best choice.

Lilac Point: Interesting Facts

  • The lilac point was once considered to be a version of the blue point that had gone wrong. It was only officially recognised in its own right in 1955 in the USA
  • The lilac point is often referred to as the frosty point, and this is because of the frosty grey coloring of its points, which have a pinkish tinge to them
  • Whilst the lilac point has a ghostly pale appearance due to its frosty points and striking blue eyes, its fur should actually be cream or magnolia in color

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