Balinese Cats

Balinese cats are related to the Siamese breed, and share many of the same qualities. The look and personality of these two cat breeds are very similar, with both cats being highly devoted and loyal to their owners. They are affectionate, smart, and easy to get along with, yet are still very independent. Balinese are not known for being quite as loud as Siamese cats, as their meow has a much softer tone to it. They share many physical similarities as well, such as their long lean bodies, and good muscle tone.

A notable difference in the appearance of the Balinese is their long, soft coat. Their coat is not like other long haired cats, as it does not easily mat. This is due to the fact that they only have one layer of fur instead of two, making them easier to groom.

Where did the Balinese cat originate from?

There are a few different theories on this. One of which is that they come from an outgrowth of the domesticated Palas cat (Felis Manul) from Western China. This type of cat has a dense coat that can come in many different colours.

Another popular belief is that the early breeders in Britain began mixing Siamese breeds with the Angora or Turkish Angora breeds, which created the cats that we now call Balinese cats.

balinese catCourtesy of Wikipedia

Yet others believe that back in the day, every now and then, long haired kittens would show up in Siamese litters, and breeding of this type of cat became pursued in the 1940s.

Whatever their origin may be, once they were noticed, these long haired cats were then given the name Balinese. The reason behind their name is not because they come from Bali but because of their grace and elegance, which reminded their original breeders of Balinese dancers.

Just like their Siamese relatives, the Balinese is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association in four colours: the blue point, lilac point, seal point and chocolate point. 

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