Minnie the Cat. Her Story.

by Morgan

Here she is!

Here she is!

I adopted Minnie the Tortie about a month ago from my local shelter. Before we adopted her she had already had two owners even though she was only six months old. The first owner had left her in the shelter drop-box with a note that said "Her name is Killer-Bob-Joe". But the shelter thought it would be more appropriate to name her Minnie because she squeaks like a mouse when you pick her up. The second owner adopted her and returned her the very next day because she had not checked to see if her apartment allowed pets. Well thats enough of her back-story. Here's some stuff about her personality. Minnie LOVES to be petted. She will meet you whenever you walk out of a room that has a room with a closed door begging to be petted. As I am writing this she has claimed my pillow as her temporary bed. She loves Friskies cat food, particularly the "Gravy Lovers". We have another cat Jezebel who isn't the most friendly with other cats. When Jezebel come up to Minnie, Minnie lays down and bows to Jezebel. Minnie is very sensitive about who touches her paws. She rarely lets anybody but me touch them. I have recently discovered that Minnie has a certain fascination with paint brushes. I had one under my dresser and she crawled under it and managed to get it onto the bed and play with it for hours! Minnie and Jezebel's personalities differ greatly. When I turn the vacuum on Minnie barely twitches an ear, while Jezebel bolts for the basement. I have noticed so many differences it has helped me see unique things in Minnie. I love Minnie with all my heart. Now it's time to go hug her.

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