How To Trim Cat Claws

-- How To Trim Cat Claws --

Cat claws can pose a big problem for some cat owners for a number of reasons, to the point where some people consider having their cats de-clawed. However, this is something that by many is considered inhumane to the point where it is banned in many countries. In order to avoid having to do this to your cat – as it can cause many problems and reduce your cat's quality of life – it is a good idea to look at keeping your cat's claws trimmed instead.

You should start trimming your cat’s claws while he’s still a kitten. To help him get used to having his paws touched, gently hold and stroke them on a regular basis from when he is a kitten.

Have a cat treat handy when you trim his nails, and make sure it’s a special treat that you only give out when his nails get trimmed. Only give it to him after his nail clipping session has gone well.

The best time to trim his nails is when he’s sleepy or relaxed. The best place to trim his nails while he’s lying on your lap, on the floor or on a table. Do not attempt to clip the claws whilst your cat is alert and struggling, as otherwise you could easily slip and cause damage to your cat's paw.

How To Do It

Hold your cat's paw in your hand, squeezing the paw pad so the claws extend out. You should see pink tissue on the inside of the claw, this is called the Quick. When trimming a cat’s nails avoid cutting this area, as it will cause severe bleeding and pain. Cats generally chew their rear claws, so you probably will only need to trim them a few times a year.

The proper way to hold clippers is in a vertical position so that the claw is snipped from bottom to the top. This helps in keeping the nail from splitting.

Trim your cat's nails every 10-14 days. If for some reason you are not able to trim them, you can go to the Vet or a professional groomer to have it done.

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