Cat Toilet Training

-- Cat Toilet Training --

If you're anything like me, you're probably growing tired of constantly cleaning your cat's litter box. If this is the case, then its time you started learning about cat toilet training.

Incredibly, with a little patience and persistence, it can take as little as a few weeks to toilet train your cat.

Before we start, I thought I'd tell you about the ebook that inspired me to make this page. It's called How To Train Your Cat To Use The Human Toilet and is a "must read" in the world of cat toilet training.

First, you will need to move your cat's litter box next to the toilet. Leave it in this spot for a day or so to let your cat get used to it being there.

Then slowly raise the litter box up on some books until it’s at the same level as your toilet. Every time you lift the box up higher, take some of the kitty litter out of it.

One inch at a time, gradually move the litter box onto the seat (you may need to secure the box to the toilet with masking tape to keep it secure). Repeat this until the box is sitting directly over the toilet lid. Keep slowly removing litter from the litter box until just a thin layer remains.

Replace the litter box with a "training box". Remember whatever you use for a training box it needs be strong enough to hold your cat's weight.

You have several options of what you can use as your "training box". Here are some common choices:

  • Raise the toilet seat up and tape some wax paper over the hole. Lower the toilet seat over the wax paper and put some flushable kitty litter on top.
  • Use a bowl - preferably one with holes, such as a metal colander. Lift the toilet seat lid and secure the bowl to the toilet by taping it to the edges. Be sure the bowl is the same width as the toilet so that it will fit. Then add flushable kitty litter to the bowl.
  • Use one of the commercial training devices that have been specially made for this.

After you have used your "training box" and your cat seems to be adjusting, it's time to transition your cat to using just the toilet.

If you opted to use wax paper, cut a small hole (about inch in diameter) into the center of it, gradually increasing the size each day until the wax paper is gone.

If you're using a training seat, remove the rings one at a time. This gets the cat used to urinating or pooping in the water.

Whichever training method you decide to use, be sure to decrease the amount of kitty litter you add each time.

Helpful tips on cat toilet training

  • When you go to remove the "training box", if at first your cat seems like he doesn't know what to do, put a little bit of flushable litter into the water. This will help him understand.
  • Remember to go slowly. Don't rush your cat or try to force him to learn quickly. If you physically have to put your cat up on the "training box" instead of letting him gradually do it on his own, you've gone too fast.
  • If your cat does his business both indoors and out, then this probably will not work for him. It will likely end up leaving him confused and frustrated.
  • Flush the toilet after your cat urinates. Cats do not want to poop onto their urine.
  • Be sure to clean the kitty litter in training box after every use. You can also put a little catnip in it.
  • Use cat treats as a reward.
  • DDon't try to toilet train your cat unless you have the time to devote to it. If you rush it you won't get anywhere.
  • If you've cut hole in the wax paper but your cat still doesn't want anything to do with the toilet, try cutting the hole at the edge of the wax paper instead.

Warnings to Take Note of When Cat Toilet Training

  • If you don't have an extra toilet, this process is going to take a lot of work. Everyone in the house will have to move the "training box" each time they need to use the toilet, and then put it back when they are finished.
  • IIf you live near an ocean that you know a water treatment plant is dumping into, it's best you don't toilet train your cat. Cats can contract Toxoplasma Gondii which they will excrete in their feces within 7 to 10 days of becoming infected.
  • Keep any small objects away from the toilet to keep them from falling in.

-- Cat Toilet Training --

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