Invisible Pet Fence

The invisible pet fence is an ideal solution for pet owners that want to keep their pets in check and stop them from getting into places where they really shouldn’t be.

As any pet owner will know it can be extremely difficult to keep an eye on pets, and cats in particular can get into all sorts of places causing destruction, calamity, and chaos. Worse still, they can pose a danger to themselves by getting into some of these places, and it is therefore important to find a way to stop them from getting into these places.

There is also the worry of the dangers in the great outdoors when it comes to your cats or dogs. Whilst all pets love to go outside for a run and a play – and simply to get fresh air – many will be extremely difficult to contain, and cats won't think twice about finding some convenient gap in the fence or simply jumping the fence and heading off the pastures new for the afternoon or evening.

Increase Protection

There will be many places both within your home and in your garden where you don't want your pet to go. For instance, you may be desperate to stop your pet from digging up your best plants in the garden, or you may be anxious that your cat is going to scale the fence and escape into the big wide world full of dangers.

With an invisible fence you can use innovative and effective technology to keep your pet within certain boundaries, which gives you peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your pet, stops your pet getting into scrapes and dangerous situations, and protects the parts of your home and garden that you would prefer not to have torn to piece by your cat or dog!

How an Invisible Pet Fence Works

The way in which this invisible fence works is very simple yet very effective. A small transmitter box is used to transmit signals to your pet via a collar that it worn by the cat or dog. Concealed wiring is laid down and concealed, and this wiring runs back to the transmitter box.

Settings and boundary sizes will obviously depend on your preferences, and will be based on the size of the areas that you want your pet to avoid. If the pet goes into the avoidance areas a warning sound will be emitted through the special collar worn by the cat or dog. If the pet still continues a very low static shock will be emitted by the collar. Over time this trains the pet to stay out of the chosen areas because it will associate the warning sound that it hears with the mild shock.

Tailor the Signal and Training

Depending on your pet's personality, your own preferences, and the size of the avoidance areas you can tailor the training and the signal from the pet fence to suit your needs, so you don't have to settle for a 'one size fits all' solution. The systems are completely safe and are recommended by many pet healthcare professionals, so you won't have to worry about them causing trauma for your pet.

You can use the invisible pet fence to stop your pet from going in different parts of the house and the garden, and the great thing about this system is that your pet still gets to enjoy the freedom to wander around – which it wouldn't have with a crate or a real barrier – but will not go into areas that could prove dangerous or that you do not want it to go into.

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