Cat Hats

The range of cool cat hats on the market today are vast, and they can make the perfect addition to the wardrobe of any pampered pussycat!

There are hats for all occasion and kitty cat personalities, and if your cat loves being the centre of attention, as so many do, this is the perfect way to make sure that he or she is given centre stage at any event!

Whilst no cat is going to want to be trussed up in a hat all day long some cats do like being pampered with 'human' things, and there are many vain felines that will love parading around wearing the latest in high fashion. Some cats do not like having things on their heads, but for those that do having a cool, trendy, cute, or sophisticated cat hat perched on their heads is a real way to show off!

Finding The Perfect Cat Hat

Choosing the right hat for your cat is all about considering the personality and appearance of your pet. Cats take real pride in their appearance and cleanliness, and you will not be doing yourself – or your kitty – any favours if you have a rather naughty tomcat and you try and make him wear a cute bonnet with ribbons attached!

The choice of cat hats and headwear available means that you can shop with the personality and appearance of your cat in mind. For the pampered princess you could opt for a tiara, the sophisticated charmer could have a top hat, the cute little girlie cat would look perfect in a bonnet, and for the extra naughty one there are even jester's hats available.

Don't Forget Special Occasions

Of course, there is no better time to wear a hat than on a special occasion, and as humans these are the times when we tend to wear special headwear. Well, your cat can now do the same, with headwear available for any occasion.

There are posh hats for occasions such as engagement parties and wedding events, Santa hats that look wonderful during the festive season, and as for Halloween your cat will be in its element, with a choice of everything from devil horn headwear to witch hats and more besides.

Training Your Cat To Wear a Hat

You do need to bear in mind that not all cats are going to like having a hat perched on their heads, and if this something that they are clearly uncomfortable with then don't force the issue (they will make you pay one way or another!)

In the most part you will find that getting your cat used to headwear whilst a kitten or still young is the best solution, as they will be accustomed to it as they grow up. Trying to force a hat on a grown up cat who prides itself on its street cred and reputation, on the other hand, is just asking for trouble!

Match Hats and Outfits

Cat apparel is a growing market these days, with more and more cat owners seeing their cats as their babies rather than their pets. You can get some fabulous clothes as well as hats for your cat, and the great thing is that this allows you to create a wardrobe of matching outfits for your cat.

Many cats – although not all cats – will love being feline fashion icons, and will be the centre of attention at any event where they are dressed up in a way that befits the occasion.

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