Do You Love Applehead Siamese Cats?

One of the variations in Siamese cats that you can get these days is the Applehead Siamese, and as the name would suggest, these beautiful cats have rounder, more 'apple shaped' faces than the other variations.

Breeding with other cat breeds such as classic short hair breeds, is what created the applehead Siamese, and there are a number of other distinctive traits that these cats have compared to other Siamese cat variations.

As well as having a more rounded face, the applehead also has bigger bones, and a more muscular body. Their ears also tend to be smaller than the traditional Siamese. These Siamese cats are meant to be closer in resemblance to the original Siamese cats that were first sent over from Thailand rather than having the appearance of the modern show Siamese, which tend to be very thin, elongated, and have very long pointed faces.

The Personality of the Applehead Siamese

Like other Siamese cats the applehead has bags of personality, and you will certainly know when he or she is around. 

These cats love attention, and will do pretty much anything they have to in order to get it. Of course, your applehead will be keen to sit and talk to you all day long if you are around – and if you're not he will be just as happy talking to someone else or other pets, just so long as he can talk!

The applehead is also a very curious cat, and wants to know about everything and everyone. It can be very entertaining to watch your applehead running around sticking his nose into everything, but you need to be mindful that this sort of curiosity can prove a danger if he goes to explore in the wrong places, so just be careful about what you leave lying around the home.

Appleheads and Their Dedication

Applehead Siamese cats become quickly attached to their owners, and they sometimes become more attached to one specific person in the household. Often this may be a child, as this breed is said to be devoted to children and will do all they can to protect them. The lucky recipient of the cat's undivided attention can expect to be followed everything, entertained, and talked to on a constant basis!

Some applehead cats are known for their longevity, and can live for up to twenty five years or longer, which is fat longer than the lifespan of the average cat. These cats are extremely intelligent and will quickly learn things like their names and other words, so if you call your cat there is a chance that it may actually come to you rather than taking the typical stance of a normal cat, which is to give you a rather unimpressed sideways glance and then wander off in the opposite direction.

Enjoy spending time with your cat

If you want a pet that keeps itself to itself and does not bother you then the Applehead Siamese is the wrong choice! These cats demand attention, love being in the thick of the action, want to explore everything, want to follow your around wherever you go, and want to be the centre of your world more or less.

In return you will get plenty back from your pet in terms of total devotion, dedication, love, companionship, entertainment, commitment, and affection, which are things that many cats do not give to their owners (unless they want food!)

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