Stop Cat Spraying

-- Stop Cat Spraying --

Are you wondering how to stop your cat from spraying urine all over your walls, furniture and doorways? This is a problem that many people experience and one that can cause big problems, especially when you consider how pungent the smell of cat urine can be.

Though you may not know the solution right now, there ARE ways to stop your cat from spraying. If you've ever wondered what cat spraying is, and why cats do it, here's a little info: Cats "spray" to mark their territory. Spraying is when a cat urinates on a surface to let other cats know that that area is his territory. This is very common, and has nothing to do with cat litter box problems.

Common Reasons For Spraying:

  • The cat hasn't been spayed or neutered
  • The cat is territorial
  • The spraying could be stress related
  • The cat could be spraying to release pheromones for other cats to smell, which is common during mating
  • The cat might feel threatened
  • If the home has more than one cat, there could be spraying problems due to overcrowding

Males that aren't neutered are the most likely cats to spray. They will start to spray when they reach maturity, which is around 5 to 12 months. It's best to have kittens spayed or neutered to prevent any spraying problems in the future. Cat spraying is the one of the most common reasons why cats are given away to shelters.

Do only male cats spray?

This is a common misconception. All cats can spray... males, females and even cats that have been spayed or neutered. A female cat may spray if she's in heat and wants to leave her scent for a male. With either sex it is important to try and stop cat spraying as otherwise you could find your house being ruined.

-- Stop Cat Spraying --

How to stop cat spraying

There are a few things you can do to stop your cat from spraying:

  • Have your cat spayed or neutered - This is most effective if it's done while the cat is still a kitten, though it can still be effective for some older cats.
  • Anti-anxiety drugs - These can prevent spraying if your cat is suffering from some type of stress. You should talk to your vet to see if these will be suitable for your cat.
  • Friendly Pherome Diffusers and Sprays - These are designed to spray a friendly and comforting pheromone over the areas that your cat is spraying. You can also get them in plug-in form. The pheromones stop your cat from wanting to spray.
  • Using repellents - You can use a repellent called SSScat. This has two elements: the motion detector and the aerosol can. It detects the cat walking by and releases a harmless spray.
  • Using a Pet Mat called the Scatmat - When your cat touches it, it responds with a mild static pulse that doesn't hurt.

Removing the Odor

Clean all soiled areas that your cat has sprayed by washing all of the spots with laundry detergent that contains enzymes. Then mix up a vinegar solution that has half white vinegar and half water in spray bottle. Spray the area with this solution so that when your cat smells it, he won't want to spray there again.

It's a good idea to take your cat to the vet for an examination to make sure he doesn't have a lower urinary tract disease, which could be causing the problem.

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