Sky Dum Dum Williams

(Starr SC USA)

We are the Williams Family.

We have a Siamese cat. My name is Kade, and my brother

is Kameron. Our mom,and dad are Kevin,& Hope. We love our

cat. He is very funny. He does have cross eyes. He loves to

climb on the top of the kitchen curtains. We love to watch

him play. He likes to play fight with our other cat. His

name is Sassy. He is not a Siamese though. We have 6 dogs,

and an Iguana,and to many fish to count, one big tank,

and one little tank. one of our fish is enormous. Oh and

I almost forgot about our turtle, Slimy. I guess you can

tell we love animals. I am 6 years old almost 7.

My brother is 2, but will be 3 next month. We hope you

like hearing about our animals.


Kade Williams

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