Litter Box Training

Whether you have a new kitten or a cat that's been around for years, litter box training is an important task for your cat to learn. Unless you take the time to train your cat to use the litter box you could end up having to clean up a variety of nasty 'accidents' around the house!

Here are some tips to help in litter box training:

  • An important first step is to not let your cat have access to the entire house. Confine your cat to just one room, such as the kitchen, utility room, garage or bathroom and put the litter tray in there.
  • Don't leave food out for your cat, instead, put him on a regular feeding schedule. Putting your cat on a regular feeding schedule will let you know when your cat needs to eliminate. This will make litter training much easier.
  • Keep the litter box away from where your cat will be sleeping or eating. Also make sure that you clean the clumps out of the litter box every day – cats are clean creatures and will not take kindly to being expected to use dirty litter.
  • Make sure the tray is accessible, and not out of reach
  • If you have more than one cat, put several litter boxes throughout the house
  • Pay attention to your cat's habits. Most cats, especially little kittens, will need to use the litter box right after getting up and also after they eat and play.
  • Before feeding, spend about 15 minutes playing with your cat. Give him 15 minutes to eat, and then play with him a little while longer. After eating and playing, have your cat come to the litter box by calling his name. Once he's there scratch the kitty litter yourself to get him interested.
  • If you see that your cat has been sleeping for 2 hours or longer, wake him up and promptly take him to the litter box. Give him some words of encouragement, and hopefully he'll climb in. Give praise when he does.
  • Be sure that when your cat does use his litter box, you give him lots of positive praise, hugs, pets and a treat of some sort.

Litter box training can be accomplished through patience, consistency and monitoring. Practise these steps over and over again until he learns to use his litter box properly. 

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