Keep Cats Away

Are you pulling your hair out trying to keep cats away from your garden? If you're having trouble with a cat constantly coming into your yard, or your cat is roaming through certain areas of your house that you don't want him in, here are a few solutions to keep him away.

  • Keep cats out of your yard or flower bed by laying some chicken wire on top of a bit of soil or mulch, before planting your seeds. Take a pair of wire cutters to cut holes big enough in the wire to plant your seeds.
  • What if you already have an existing garden? You can try using a type of cat proof fence, such as an invisible or an electric cat fence.
  • If you see a cat go near your garden, try using your sprinkler system to keep them at bay. Cats hate the feeling of water, plus it will startle them but won't harm them.
  • The smell of certain type of plants, like Rue, Lavender, and Pennyroyal, naturally repel cats.
  • Sprinkle the following in any area where you want to keep cats away: Dried Blood Fertilizer, Mothballs (put them in a jar, punch a few holes in the lid, and then cover it), cayenne pepper flakes, and ammonia.

    Important - Mothballs are toxic, so it's important to use them in a covered jar so your cat won’t ingest them. Also, don't use mothballs if you think a small child could get to them.

    Some people caution against using cayenne pepper flakes because they believe them to be harmful. Use this at your own discretion.
  • String some old CDs up along the entrance of your garden with thick twine. The reflection from the light on the CDs will disorientate the cat.
  • Place 10 drops of citrus oil into 2 cups of water, and pour the solution into a spray bottle. Use the mixture to spray around the area that you don't want the cat to be.
  • There are commercial devices that emit an ultrasonic sound that will alarm any cat that comes into your yard. These require no chemicals or fencing.

To keep cats away from certain areas of your home: To do this try using an indoor invisible fence. This will stop them from getting into places that they shouldn't be. There's also a portable wireless mat that emits small pulses. It will condition your cat to steer clear of the area you want to keep out of reach.

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