Cat Tunnel

The cat tunnel is the type of thing that no cat worth its whiskers will fail to love!

It allows them to exercise their sense of curiosity, hide away from prying eyes, investigate something new and fabulously wonder it is every cat's dream.

Keeping your cat entertained is not always an easy task, but with a good kitty tunnel you can keep your little one entertained without really having to lift a finger. Your cat will be thrilled with the tunnel and will most likely spend many an hour investigating it over and over again, not to mention crawling in and falling asleep – the perfect little hideaway.

Different tunnel types

There are a number of different types of tunnels available, with tunnels to suit a range of pockets, preferences, and paws.

From small kitten tunnels to larger tunnels for those kitties that want to do some serious investigating and hiding, there is something to suit all.

Many play tunnels are made from materials designed to make exciting noises for your cat such as crinkle tunnels, which make a sound like a carrier bag being scrunched up (something that seems to fascinate cats!). Others have toys hanging inside for an extra dose of excitement and fun for your cat. All you need to decide is which one fits in best with your budget and your cat's needs.

How much will you pay for your tunnel?

The cost of the cat tunnel you buy will vary based on the type of tunnel that you choose and where you buy from. You can often get some great deals online when it comes to cat equipment and furniture, and you will find that you can get the more basic can tunnels for just ten or fifteen dollars, so you won't have to break the bank to keep kitty amused.

The benefits of cat tunnels

Even a basic cat tunnel will benefit you and your cat in many ways. For you it means that your cat has plenty to keep him amused, which means that he won't be under your feet the whole time. It also means that rather than clawing your settee and chairs or hiding in your wardrobe and covering your clothes in fur your cat will have something else to occupy him.

For your cat the benefits are invaluable. We all know that most cats love to hide away in their own private little space, and a cat tunnel provides the perfect vessel to do this. Cats also love to investigate, and the tunnel will give him plenty of scope to do this – although it may seem like a simple thing to us it is like a wonderland for cats who can crawl inside, hide, fulfil their curiosity, and even have a private little nap.

Make the most of your tunnel

The great thing about these tunnels is that you can adapt them to suit your cat's needs. So, even if you buy the most basic tunnel you can put toys inside, hang a little toy mobile in there, and throw your cat's favourite toys in to be chased. However, when you do buy your tunnel make sure you invest in a sturdy one that will not fall flat and collapse on top of an unimpressed cat.

Another great thing about these tunnels is that they are easily portable, which means that if you are leaving your cat at the kennels whilst on holiday you can take the tunnel along so that your cat has something fun and familiar to play in whilst you are away.

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