Cat Towers

Cat towers can be an invaluable addition to your home if you are a cat owner, and can save you frustration, inconvenience, and money.

Why? Because cats, despite their beauty, charm, and character, can be little devils when it comes to your furniture!

It is important to remember that whilst cats spend a lot of time sleeping, during the times they are awake in the house they can get bored and frustrated. On top of this cats need somewhere to sharpen their claws, which is a natural instinct and something that they need to do. And if you don't provide them with the necessary provisions it'll be your furniture that gets it!

Why Cats Love Towers

There are many reasons why cats love these towers. One reason is because the towers provide cats with something fun and interesting to do whilst they are indoors. Depending on the type of tower you choose your cat will be able to climb up to different levels, investigate the little cubby holes that are in the tower, play with any toy that are attached to the tower, and generally keep themselves occupied for hours on end.

Another great thing for cats is that the towers have platforms on different levels. This means that once your little tinker has worn himself out by climbing up and down the tower he can just choose the nearest platform and settle down for a 'cat' nap. This is great news for you and your cat – it means that you get to have a rest (and get the settee to yourself!) and you cat gets to enjoy a good sleep on a platform high up in the air, which is the perfect place to nap if you are a cat.

Save Your Furniture With a Cat Tower

You will be amazed at what a different a good cat tower will make to the safety of your furniture – not to mention your sanity! Most cat owners know the frustration attached with running around the house after the cat trying to stop him from scratching the carpet, the settee, the bed, and basically anything else he knows is expensive or irreplaceable!

However, no matter how it might feel at the time you cat is not doing this out of spite! The fact is that cats need to sharpen their claws – it is in their nature, and if they were in the wild they would be doing this on things such as tree bark like the big cats do. However, our pussy cats are not out in the wild, and unless you are lucky – or unlucky – enough to have a large tree sprouting from the floor in your home they will use whatever they deem fitting to do the job. Sadly, this is usually your expensive leather settee, your priceless antique furniture, or your newly laid carpets.

A Cat Tower Will Help To Solve The Problem

Having a good quality cat tower in your home will help to solve their problem, as it provides special sisal scratching posts incorporated into the tower, which are often infused with catnip to encourage your cat to use them. Once your cat realises what the posts are for he should start using these to sharpen his claws, which will go a long way towards saving your furniture and your sanity.

You can get many different styles and sizes when it comes to cat towers, so finding the perfect one for your cat – or cats – shouldn’t prove a problem, and you get a range of styles to suit different budgets and homes.

Towers Are Suitable For All Of Your Cats

It is also worth remembering that these towers are suitable for all of your cats, so if you have more than one cat you can simply buy a slightly bigger tower that will accommodate all of your kitties.

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