Cat Runs

Cat runs work well because by nature cats to want to spend time outside, and as owners we want them to be able to enjoy the fresh air and excitement that spending time outdoors can bring.

However, for many cats the great outdoors can be a very dangerous place, with busy roads, neighbourhood dogs, dodgy people, and other dangers to worry about.

Many people are not comfortable about letting their cats out to roam free, especially if they have pedigree cats that could be stolen. Runs provide an excellent solution, allowing your cat to enjoy fresh air and see what's going on outside without putting him at risk of the many dangers that face cats that roam free.

Exercise and Freedom For Your Cat

Your cat may spend a lot of time lazing around the house, sleeping, and generally being extremely lazy, but cats love to stretch their paws and breathe in the outdoor fresh air.

A good, sturdy cat run will make sure that you cat is able to spend time outdoors without and danger, and can have a play around in the safety of the run.

Also known as cat enclosures, these runs offer plenty of benefits that your cat will love, and are even ideal for leaving the cat in whilst you are not at home, as there are areas to shelter as well as areas to play in many of the larger runs.

These cat runs are like little houses and gardens for cats, all combined into one, so your cat will have plenty of fun. There is usually an enclosed area in inside the run, where your cat can go to have a rest and some shelter. When he wants to get fresh air, he can simply go into the meshed outside area, which you can kit out with climbing towers, toys, and a cat perch so that your pet can amuse himself whilst in the run.

Protecting Your Home

For those of us that have to go out to work leaving the cat in the house can be a risk – especially if you have a cat that like to tear the house apart whilst you're not there. A large cat run has plenty of room to put a litter tray, food and water, toys, and anything else your cat might need, which means that you can leave him there in safety and comfort whilst you are at work.

The sheltered area in the run is the perfect hideaway for your cat if it rains or if he gets cold, as he can snuggle up in there with some bedding. Some of the cat runs that are around today offer pure luxury for your pampered pet, so you can relax in the knowledge that he is having a great time in his own private little 'lodge'.

Runs To Suit All Budgets

The great choice of cat runs on the market these days means that you can find something to suit your needs and your pockets. If you have two or more cats you can find a luxurious run that is perfectly adequate for a number of cats, and in which they can play, exercise, and shelter in comfort.

The great thing about these runs is that there is plenty of room for you to 'decorate' in a style that your cat will like, so you can add all sorts of exciting things to put in the run, from toys and cat furniture to platforms and perches from where you cat can relax and watch the world go by.

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