Cat Excessive Grooming

Is your cat spending too much time grooming himself?

Cat excessive grooming can be a big dilemma if left untreated. You might not think that too much cleaning is a big deal, but it can actually end up being a major problem.

Cats spend a great deal of time in grooming themselves, as they are extremely clean and proud creatures. The roughness of their tongue helps to pull out any old dead hairs, and anything else that’s stuck in their fur. While outdoor cats shed mostly in the spring and fall months, indoors cats shed consistently throughout the year.

Some reasons for excessive cat grooming:

  • There’s a period of excess shedding, due to being pregnant or having an illness
  • Having parasites, such as fleas or mites
  • There may be dirt, burrs or something else caught in the cat’s fur
  • The cat has a bacterial or fungal skin infection
  • The cat’s skin is irritated due to an allergy from the soap used in bathing or other grooming products
  • It can be the result of stress or embarrassment

When a cat has been grooming excessively there will be visible signs on his fur, skin and nails from being chewed or licked too much.

Visiting your vet can help in giving a proper diagnosis, and in finding out what treatment to use.

What You Can Do At Home

  • Eliminate as much stress as you can.
  • Keep strangers away if your cat is clearly uncomfortable around them.
  • Separate fighting cats.
  • Keep outdoor animals away from the windows.
  • Improve your cat’s surroundings with toys that move, something to climb on, an accessible room that has a window he can see out of, fish tanks and more quality time with you.
  • Use medication prescribed by a vet when necessary.
  • Use treats to reward your cat for his independence.

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