Why Buy a Cat Condo?

Cat condos are great because they give cats the perfect opportunity to curl up in their own private, secluded place (As cat owners, we all know how much they love doing this!).

In addition to curling up on your favourite chair, your settee (in the exact spot that you wanted to sit!), and on your bed, your cat probably appreciates curling up in darker corners of the home, and perhaps even in the airing cupboard to take a little time out.

Providing your cat with a cat condo will give him his own special place where he can relax, nap, curl up, and simply sit and watch the world go by. As well as providing your cat with all of these benefits, these condos will give you the opportunity to reclaim your furniture!

What Are Cat Condos?

These condos are actually very useful, sturdy, and versatile, and depending on which one you choose they cover a range of purposes. You can get the basic condo for the lazy kitty that just wants to lie around snoozing the whole time, or you can opt for a condo with all the bells and whistles, which is the perfect choice if you like to pamper and spoil your cat.

Smaller ones are like little dog kennels, but are smaller and usually covered in material such as faux fur. There are sometimes several openings for your cat to get into the condo to have a rest or nap (or to hide after doing something particularly naughty that he knows he will get into trouble for!).

Larger Condos

If you have more than one cat, or you want to really treat the little tinker, then there are larger condos that combine the luxury of a kitty condo with the practicality and fun of a cat tower or tree. These condos are like a combination of activity centre and sleep area, which means that your cat can play around on it for as long as he wants, and can then simply crawl into the condo part and sleep off all the excitement.

Of course, another great thing about the larger kitty condos is that they have built in sisal scratching posts, which means that your cat will leave your furniture alone (hopefully) and will use the posts to sharpen their claws rather than using your expensive leather settee.

Choosing The Right Condo For Your Cat

If your pet is still a kitten you may find that the smaller condos are perfectly suited, and these are very affordable condos and perfect for even smaller homes. However, if you opt for a larger condo (assuming you have the room that is) you won't have to worry about upgrading when you kitten grows up or in the event you have another cat later on.

In addition to making sure that you choose the right condo for your cat you might also want to make sure that you have the right condo for your home. The different styles, colours, and patterns on these condos means that you should be able to find one that fits in with your home and decor, so you won't have to make your house look like an eyesore just to make the cat happy!

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