All About Siamese Cats

You might be wondering.. What makes Siamese cats different from other cats?

Two factors are their unique style and personalities.

They're known for their "talkative" nature, sense of loyalty and unique colors, like in chocolate, seal, lilac and blue Siamese cats. Siamese have also been bred with other cats to create mixed Siamese breeds.

Looking for a place to find your own Siamese?

I've gathered a list of Breeders</a> throughout the US, and will be adding international breeders soon. I have also put together a list of places that do for those of you that would prefer to rescue one.

There are tons of areas to explore in the world of Siamese cats, here are just a few..

Types of Siamese include

Traditional or Applehead Siamese

Modern Siamese

Chocolate Point

Seal Point

Lilac Point

Blue Point

Siamese Mix

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